Assets for Sale: Domain Name, Company Name & Logo

The Human Resource Department, Inc. business lines of HR Consulting and HR Staffing have been sold and moved into other business entities that no longer use the corporate name, The Human Resource Department, Inc.

I, Chuck Niles, as President and Owner of The Human Resource Department, Inc. am still involved in both HR Consulting and HR Staffing and welcome any opportunities to assist you in these important functions through the new entities handling these services independently.

Since the nationally registered name, logo and domain are not in use as before, they are available for licensing or purchase.

The Human Resource Department, Inc. name and/or logo may be purchased or licensed for use by your business in exclusive territories throughout the United States. Monthly lease fees vary based on location, size and length of term. I welcome your inquiry.

The internet domain name thrd.com is also available to one organization for purchase or lease, to accompany the licensing of the name The Human Resource Department or to any other entity who wishes the domain. Candidates include organizations that use THRD in the conduct of their business as a name, symbol or technical term.

Below are enlarged versions of the name and logo for your review:

Please contact me with any questions or requests.